Today host Lori Boll speaks with Richard Poulin, an educator and parent. When Richard’s daughter was diagnosed with a rare disease, he and his wife, Judy (also a teacher), felt isolated and didn’t know how to support their daughter. Now, they are taking their knowledge as educators and what they learned raising their daughter and are helping the community with their new non-profit organization called Teach RARE. This organization helps families by providing them with a framework at home, role modeling teaching and learning strategies, connecting parents with educational resources, and teaches institutions and groups for a larger reach. You will be inspired by Richard and Judy’s story and we encourage you to reach out to them if you know someone who needs their support.


Born in California, raised in Japan, and grew up in Thailand. Richard began working with hospitals by supporting international patients to receive elective surgery in Thailand. Later he transitioned to the education sector. Since then, he has worked with international schools in Asia, supporting bilingual-multilingual students and developing supportive educational programs. He and his wife are proud parents of an AADC child, Rylae-Ann, and established Teach RARE to support their community.