On today’s podcast, host Lori Boll speaks with Heidi Mermis-Cava, the Director of Student Support Services at the Shanghai American School. Heidi recently presented at the in-person SENIA conference in Vietnam, where she received overwhelmingly positive feedback for her work.

Heidi shares some of her expertise on distinguishing between English as an Additional Language (EAL), Specific Learning Disabilities, and Language Impairments. This provides a valuable preview of the more comprehensive information she will be sharing at the upcoming SENIA virtual conference. Be sure to join us at the conference to learn even more from Heidi.

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Heidi Mermis-Cava is the Director of Student Support Services at Shanghai American School. Heidi was a school psychologist in California public schools and coordinator of various special education programs within her districts for 15 years before moving overseas.

Heidi worked in Brazil as a school psychologist and Director of Student Support Services while also consulting numerous international schools and with the U.S. State Department Office of Overseas Schools.