All Things Math

Math. That one word can produce great amounts of anxiety in many of us and many of our students. Today our group discusses all things math with our special guest, Caty Romero who is someone who knows math and loves it. Some of the topics included in today ‘s discussion are foundational concepts students need to know, common areas of struggle in mathematics, the C-R-A approach, our favorite visual strategies and structures we use, and much much more. We hope you enjoy this chat. Heck, it might even change your attitude toward math learning.

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Cathy Romero

Caty Romero: is an early childhood, elementary and middle school mathematics curriculum, instruction, and assessment instructional leader passionate about learning and teaching mathematics through the lens of inquiry, modeling, reasoning and communicating. Caty is currently a 6th grade math teacher at the International School Bangkok. Prior to that, she was the Early Childhood and Elementary School Mathematics Instructional Coach at Shanghai American School for 5 years where she worked in partnership with teachers to facilitate the development, implementation, and transformation of the math curriculum.

She serves as contracted mathematics consultant at several international schools in the South East Asia region. In addition, she has facilitated workshops for international school teachers and leaders at various AASSA, NESA, EARCOS and ACAMIS regional conferences.  Caty coordinated and co-facilitated the Office of Overseas Schools sponsored Asia Regional Math Summit on Developing High-Quality Assessments in partnership with Erma Anderson. Caty has co-facilitated the Mathematics Specialists in International Schools (MSIS) certification institute focused on K-12 Geometry and Measurement with Steve Leinwand, and is currently part of the prestigious AERO Math Think Tank Team at Project AERO supported by the U.S. State Department Office of Overseas Schools. 


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Erin Madonna

Erin joined International School Bangkok as a K/1 Learning Support and EAL teacher this school year. Most recently, she was Upper Primary Learning Support Specialist at Shekou International School where she was part of the team developing the school ‘s inaugural Learning Support program.

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Lori Boll

Lori is SENIA ‘s Executive Director after teaching for 25 years. When Lori ‘s son was diagnosed with profound autism in 2003, Lori changed her focus from teaching elementary to special education. Lori worked internationally for 20 years, and now finds herself back in the United States building a program for her now adult son.

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