Astrid Werne 2020 SENIA World Changer Award Recipient

Astrid is an 11-year old girl who attends NIST International School and has an enormous impact on her community. Astrid is a fearless trailblazer, a boundary-pusher, a precedent setter.

Often people underestimate what she can do, but she will set the record straight and usually exceed expectations. For example, Astrid was encouraged to learn to swim and then did a biathlon, or learning to read and now finishing reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  She has also transformed her community.

NIST ‘s conversations about inclusion and special needs are being led by passionate and dedicated advocates, a group of 10-and-11-year-old students. It ‘s no coincidence that the elementary school children leading the charge to be more inclusive are Astrid ‘s closest friends. They see inclusion as a “˜precious resource that makes everyone stronger and brings our community closer. ‘

They recognize that everyone in our community, including teachers, has the right to be in an inclusive classroom.

Congratulations, Astrid!