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The SENIA Certification courses are perfect for beginning to intermediate level Learning Support teachers or general educators who want to learn more about supporting students with learning differences.

Enjoy single courses or become a SENIA Certified Teacher by completing all six courses.

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Our Courses

Gain an understanding of behavior, how it works, and how it relates to our support for the students we work with. We will jump into it through the lens of the science of behavior analysis. By building an understanding of behavior, you will be able to improve approaches to behavior interventions with meaningful investigation and logical responses.

Understand the path to break down various learning disabilities, review diagnostic criteria for varying disabilities, explain pre-referrals and data collection, and discuss accommodations and modifications. After course completion, participants should be able to better identify learning challenges, know the steps of the pre-referral system, recognize appropriate forms of data collection, and participants should be able to distinguish between accommodations and modifications.

A guided understanding through tiers of support in academics, social-emotional, and behaviors to meet the needs of the students serviced within schools. This includes the use of Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) to identify universal (all students), targeted (some), and intensive (few) resources and interventions. Participants will learn to use a continuous-improvement framework in which data-based problem solving and decision-making is practiced across all levels of the educational system for supporting students.

Understand and appreciate the context in which you are working. You will move from examining your specific role and team to looking at systems and procedures that support your role within the school, to examining the community and cultural context in which you work. The course is aimed to help you establish a good working relationship with your school and colleagues and ensure you are starting with the right approach.

Guide students through the process of developing high-quality Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs) using research-based methods. These sessions will discuss the necessary components of ILPs, give students practical strategies for including student/family agency and voice in the process, and will provide teachers with the tools necessary to implement ILPs in real-world, international school settings.

Participants gain a better understanding of the various inclusion systems schools often utilize.

We explore co-planning and co-teaching concepts, how to make the most impact as a learning specialist within your school, and how a Multi-Tier Support of Systems can transform your current school.

Rolling Admission: Take one course or all six and in any order you wish. The certification enrollment is on a rolling basis, so you can start at any time.

Cost: $225 per individual course | $1125 for all six courses and SENIA Certification (one free).

Who should take this? Our coursework is perfect for up-skilling the beginning to intermediate level Learning Support teacher. It also benefits general education teachers with their efforts to support individuals with learning needs in a classroom setting.

The courses are fantastic for teaching assistants and parents looking to learn more about special education.

SENIA Certification Level One: Individuals who take all six courses become a Level One SENIA certified educator. SENIA Certification courses are additional qualifications for those who have teaching credentials. It is not a teaching certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

For sure.

You don't need to start with course #1.  This applies to the full certification program as well.


The cost is $225 per individual course.

Alternatively take all six courses and become a SENIA Certified Educator.  The cost is $1125 USD for all six courses and includes one free course.

No problem.

Contact Lori Boll SENIA's Executive Director. She is happy to help.

Meet the Course Designers

What People Are Saying…

The content of the course was excellent. The Think, Wonder, Consider (TWC) format helped us learn from each other about practices among international schools and have meaningful conversations.The assignments required the application of concepts to our realities. Tanya gave specific and timely feedback for improvement. In general, I evaluate this learning experience as outstanding.

The poster and pre-referral form were practical assignments that could be used for PD or staff training.

I appreciated the specific feedback and also the rapid response with glitches in the quiz. I found this material to be incredibly helpful in continuing to hone my understanding and practices with students and families.

Great and timely feedback from colleagues and facilitator. Course had the right amount of information for either a novice or a veteran in special education. The course could serve as a refresher or an introduction. The videos were at the appropriate length. I watched one then had time to digest the information. time frame to complete the weekly tasks was reasonable. Was unable to make the like chats because of work commitments and time zones, nevertheless, I learned a lot. Great experience!

I really appreciate that the feedback from the first course on Behaviour was taken into account and the number of discussion posts were reduced for this course. I also really enjoyed having the opportunity to create something to represent my learning (digital poster) that I will be able to use in school straight away. Thanks!

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and look forward to signing up for other modules. Thank you!

I found the course very informative and useful for me. I very much appreciated Tanya as the course instructor. She was not only knowledgable on the topics, but I very much appreciated her useful feedback, and plan to use her suggestions as well as content from the course to share with the teachers at my school. I really enjoyed the course.

I am grateful for having participated in this training. Though everything is already being implemented at our school, it opened my eyes more. For example, I knew that the barriers that I faced as a learning support are also barriers that everyone face. The phrase “Take care of yourself and think about the ones that are only interested in the change” really encouraged me. Thank you

The course was well developed. I learned so many new things about universal support. Now, it is left for me to go make a difference. Thank you!

I would like to thank everyone involved in making this training happen. I also want to thank my fellow participants who are very active and sincere with their responses and contributions. I have learned a lot from these courses over the past three months and I am exhilarated to have 3 more to go!

Gained a deeper insight into different behaviors of student to help me design the appropriate strategies for students assigned to me.

I enjoyed having to record and elevator pitch as part of one of the assignments in week 2. Not only are we improving our knowledge on the course, but improving skills, too.

I really appreciated the lecture from Marshall Rosenberg. This framework is something I will seek more learning on independently too. I have always believed in the power of words and found this incredibly helpful. All of the “Extend your Learning” pieces for this module were phenomenal!

Thank you for this very insightful course! It’s eye opening and I can’t wait to register for the other courses.

I didn’t have time to watch many of the extension videos, will those still be available to see this week? I would have liked some more information on UDL, examples, resources etc. But I’m sure I can learn more through my own research.

Overall I enjoyed the class. It was a good opportunity for me to expand, consolidate and validate my knowledge about MTSS. I appreciated Tanya’s feedback and support, very timely and helpful.

This course provided adequate resources to share with my colleagues and offered several opportunities to connect with other experts in the education field.

I would like to thank all SENIA team for this exhaustive and very clear course. I also thank everyone who participated, they all shared great feedback and resourceful reflection.

I love discussions and videos. I expected more heavy work from the course, but I am glad that the amount is not excessive and working people can handle with. I love the hands-on assignment like ECOMAP and social stories.

I really like the course, it was so practical and pointing out real problem that our school experienced. I enjoyed how structured the content and good articles/video quality.

I am sincerely grateful for this course. It was my first with Senia and after this one I have decided to complete other five courses. This and I am sure that other five as well will facilitate collegues´ and my teaching in the class, equip us with useful resources and strategies for our students, deepen our understanding the learning support system, the whole child and her/his individual needs and let us change lives of others keeping Mr Jensen in the heart. Thank you for opening our eyes and remind us to be human and kind.

I found all courses to be excellent! The six courses (from Feb. through July) covered important areas of student support and presented information, backed by research and best practice, in an engaging manner. A big thank you to those involved in organizing and arranging the material.

I found the introduction to a variety of behavior observation tools really useful and I also appreciated theoretical overview of what is behavior and some guiding principles around how to think about Behavior.

Feeling supported by colleagues and course leader despite the distance.

I like how SENIA provides many other sources to read and to deepen knowledge. I also like to read posts from other teachers, from them I learn a lot.

I enjoyed the Discussion Boards. Having the opportunity to interact with other professionals and stakeholders was the most insightful and fulfilling.

I really enjoyed hearing from my peers about what behaviors they are noticing and what supports are available at their schools. I also enjoyed learning how to frame behaviors in language and observations that are supportive to better understand the student and the reasons for the behavior.

Learning about other schools with different professionals who work in the area is very enriching.

I’ve learned a lot of great information, concepts of behaviors, how to identify the function of behaviors, and how to design and implement the behavior intervention plan. I enjoyed learning all aspects of the course and I’ve learned so much. All information will be valuable for me and the teams to support our students.

I really loved this course and feel that I have gotten so much out of it to apply directly to the classroom. My wish is for more educators to explore the true roots of behavior and how we can teach into it, similar to how we teach subject areas. Loved the informative videos and podcasts and optional reading. Looking forward to the future courses!