SENIA is thrilled to announce that Dr. Keri Sullivan has been selected as a World Changer award recipient for June 2024. Dr. Sullivan has dedicated her career to advocating for greater inclusion and support for children with autism and other disabilities.

Dr. Sullivan has been a tireless champion for children and families. While working for the Lee County School System, she fought to ensure students with disabilities were fully included in the general education classroom. Even after leaving the school system, she has continued to support families as a consultant, providing expertise and attending IEP meetings to advocate for the resources and accommodations students need.

In addition to her work in the community, Dr. Sullivan is also a professor at a local university, teaching the next generation of educators the importance of inclusive practices. She emphasizes the benefits of the least restrictive environment and gives her students the tools to create classrooms where all students feel welcome and supported.

Through her advocacy, leadership, and innovative approach, Dr. Sullivan has been instrumental in changing mindsets and making inclusion a reality for countless children. Her dedication, compassion, and tireless efforts make her most deserving of this World Changer award. Congratulations, Dr. Sullivan, on this well-earned recognition of her invaluable contributions.

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