Living in Bali for 5 years with my special needs daughter Freyr, I am inspired by local life and family-connectivity, the caring culture and environment”¦ where my daughter has been able to live and thrive and be included, have her own house (now), make friends and experience quality of life here in Bali. From my own struggle with caring for my daughter alone in my home country, Australia, living here has enabled her to develop relationships and stability with her caregivers and be part of a social fabric where people come to learn about natural building and be involved in sharing community life which I see developing towards a post-school program and supportive living community for her and other special kids here in Bali as what I would like to see and believe is possible (and as an example of what I wish for her to be part of in Australia when we return). I believe Special Kids are put on the Earth to save humanity from itself”¦ to give us the opportunity to think outside of our own individual lives and serve our highest purpose in working collaboratively together for a common cause/goal – Restoration of ourselves and our planet.

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