"Max has been working with the neurodivergent community for over 15 years, and the longer they work alongside this community, the more evidence they have that they are value-adding employees to any business. Max has successfully set up 3 vocational training centres and modelled 11 inclusive and sustainable social businesses including coffee shops, bakeries, eco shops, and a business service centre. Max believes strongly in demonstrating the sustainability of inclusive businesses in order to change the narrative around disability, and to empower the business community to replicate these models. In 2019, Max was listed as one of the top 50 young leaders shaping the future of Asia. Steps was honoured with the International Provision of the Year Award by the prestigious National Association for Special Educational Needs (UK). Max also sits on the Diversity Equity and Inclusion committees for both the American and British Chambers of Commerce in Thailand. There is a global need for a change in employment outcomes, and Max founded Steps in 2016 to meet that need."

Max Simpson CEO, Steps