SENIA is launching a new award inspired by young adult Astrid Werne, our first recipient of the SENIA World Changer Award.  The World Changer Award recognizes an individual who actively promotes inclusion in their community while supporting SENIA ‘s Mission and Vision. The SENIA World Changer Award has very few rules and regulations. You can nominate a friend, colleague, student or an organization that promotes inclusion and adheres to the SENIA ‘s mission and vision.  You will write a brief response to the question, “What inspires or motivates you in promoting inclusion in your community?”  and a photo or video with your application. Once a month one lucky individual or organization is chosen to receive the SENIA World Changer Award.  The recipient of the award will be:
  • Featured on SENIA social media (website, Facebook, twitter, etc.) and publications (newsletter, etc.)
  • The recipient of a World Changer Certificate of recognition of their contribution for promoting inclusion.
  • Recognized in a World Changer presentation at the annual SENIA Conference.