Teaching Children To Become Life Long Problem Solvers Through Stories.

Julia is a children’s author with over three million books in print. Many of us have used her books when working with our students.

What Happens After High School? A Peek into Post-Secondary Education for Students with Learning Needs.

On today’s podcast Toby Tomlinson Baker (soon to be Dr. Toby Tomlinson Baker) discusses her research into post-secondary education for our students with learning disabilities

Get Talking w/ Spokle

Today I speak with two of the co-founders of Spokle Gia Kuek & Andrew Kendrick. Spokle empowers parents to support their child’s speech therapy with home-based exercises.

Roundtable Discussions

SENIA Virtual School Roundtable

We’ve all been thrown into our new teaching reality...we’ve gone virtual. It’s new, it’s tough, it’s exciting. While some of us are just starting our journeys, others have been doing it since all this started.

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