Kleia Antoniou, Head of Learning Support- King ‘s College Doha

Klelia is the Head of Learning Support at King ‘s College Doha in Qatar. She has been with this school since their inaugural year and has been both an observer and an active participant in the inclusive journey of the school since the beginning.

Klelia holds a Bachelor of Arts in Special Education and a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology from New Jersey City University. She brings more than 15 years of experience in special education from a range of schools in New Jersey, Cyprus and Qatar. Over the last 10 years she has worked within Qatar at various schools in the role of Head of Learning Support. In this role, she has worked with students who exhibit a variety of emotional and learning challenges. In this capacity she has been working closely with educators and parents to ensure that the children are fully integrated and supported within the school environment.

She is passionate about making a difference in children ‘s lives. She believes in continuing education and her recent interest is exploring how executive function and self-regulation skills can impact a child ‘s overall academic progress and emotional well-being. As a mother of two young children, she is also undertaking the journey of motherhood, which has absolutely contributed in her understanding of young children and has also enabled her to experience a lot of wonderful moments and challenges that come with them.

Head of Primary Learning Support at Doha College. 

Selina comes with a range of experience in teaching, coordinating educational programs, and training staff in best practices. Selina started her career in education teaching at-risk Special Education students as a Teaching Fellow in a program called the New York City Teaching Fellows that place teachers in high needs schools throughout NYC.  Over the following years, Selina served as English Language specialist (Literacy Coach) for Primary school, Director of Curriculum and Instruction K-6, and Head of Teaching and Learning.  Selina has a Master ‘s in Teaching Students with Special Educational Needs, a Master ‘s in Public Health Education and certification in Educational Leadership from Pace University in New York.

From preschool to adult transition, Selina has found her passion in supporting educational teams to ensure student success. She has experience working with a diverse student body and staff having worked in multiple International schools around the world, and comes with a unique level of experience and expertise in both general and special education.  Selina has a deep passion for global goals, social justice and equity for all children; and a strong belief that all students can achieve at the highest levels regardless of demography.