Member School Benefits

Members-Only Community

Learn and share with others inside our private, confidential platform.

Worldwide Recognition

Member schools are widely recognized on our websites, newsletters, social media and conferences.

Digital Badge

Broadcast your school’s commitment to inclusion.

Share Job Openings

Share open positions with thousands of individuals within the SENIA community.


Save 10% on all in-person events

Priced to Match Your School Size

Small school

1-500 Students

$ 299 USD yearly

Medium school

501-1000 Students

$ 599 USD yearly

Large school

1000 + Students

$ 899 USD yearly

Membership is billed annually every August. Any membership started prior to August will be billed at a pro-rated (less) amount.

SENIA membership represents the initial step for schools on their inclusion journey.

Each school has a unique path, and SENIA is here to support them in identifying and implementing their next steps. Membership is not an endorsement of having “achieved” inclusion but signifies a school’s openness to learn from and with SENIA. 

Membership reflects a commitment to collaborative learning and the ongoing pursuit of inclusivity.


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