In this time of COVID-19, let ‘s spend today talking about something positive. STEPS with Theera is a vocational training center in downton Bangkok for adults with special needs. STEPS founder and CEO Max Simpson takes time to speak with us today about the center from its inception to now, several years later. Not only is this an incredible organization, it ‘s also a fantastic cafe ‘. So, if coffee is your thing, grab one for today ‘s happy hour and enjoy.


Max Simpson is the Founder and CEO of Steps with Theera. Max is a sibling and parent of autistic individuals. They have a Masters in Special Needs and Inclusion and 12 years experience working in this field. With a passion for sustainable social businesses as a platform for employment equality, Max hopes STEPS can be a model for companies on their own pathway to inclusion. Max and their partner Uang are past winners of SENIA ‘s honorary advocacy award and have truly shown us  all how an inclusive world can look.