We Need to Move It, Move It!

We are all sensory beings. In this month’s roundtable, Matt Barker, Erin Madonna, Lori Boll, and special guest Kira Luanganggoon discuss all things Sensory. Kira, an Occupational Therapist, answers our questions: What is Sensory Processing? What does it mean when an individual is dysregulated? How can we recognize when our students need some movement? Erin, Matt, and Lori also share their favorite sensory tricks and tools. It was a great discussion and we hope you ‘ll enjoy it. 

Resources Discussed in Today ‘s Show 

Matt Baker

Matt is an experienced teacher and teacher trainer who is a passionate advocate of inclusive practices for diverse learners. He currently works as a High School learning support teacher at International School Bangkok. He is also a workshop leader for the International Baccalaureate Organisation. Matt takes a pragmatic approach to virtual learning and ensures that he harnesses student voice and agency in his online classes.

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Erin Madonna

Erin joined International School Bangkok as a K/1 Learning Support and EAL teacher this school year. Most recently, she was Upper Primary Learning Support Specialist at Shekou International School where she was part of the team developing the school ‘s inaugural Learning Support program.

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Lori Boll

Lori is SENIA ‘s Executive Director after teaching for 25 years. When Lori ‘s son was diagnosed with profound autism in 2003, Lori changed her focus from teaching elementary to special education. Lori worked internationally for 20 years, and now finds herself back in the United States building a program for her now adult son.

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Kiratinoot Luanganggoon (Kira)

Kira is a pediatric occupational therapist who has experience working in schools, hospitals and private practices since 2012. She balances her time between working as an OT at International School Bangkok (ISB) and at her own studio in Khon Kaen. Kira teaches piano and kids yoga, as well as conducting therapy sessions to children and teens of various abilities. Kira is Thai and aims to promote the level of learning support and understanding of learning diversity in her hometown.


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