Anvi Vijay Zanzarukia September 2023 SENIA World Changer Award Recipient

Anvi Vijay Zanzarukia has become known as the “Rubber Girl of India.” She began learning yoga at the age of 4 and since then has shared her unique journey with others.  Yoga has not only changed her life but the lives of so many other children with disabilities.  Anvi began a new campaign of “Karo Yog Raho Nirog” which allows her to share the power of yoga through her demonstrations with over 100 schools and institutions. She confidently demonstrates her abilities and has kindly shared one of her videos with us (link to yoga demonstration). 

Anvi has received recognition at the national yoga events in India, winning three gold and two bronze medals.  She was also awarded the “Best Creative Child with Disability Award – 2020” by the president of India.

Congratulations to Anvi as this month’s SENIA World Changer Award winner!