It is with great pleasure that we announce Kate as the recipient of the 2024 SENIA World Changer Award for her tireless efforts to promote inclusion for children in Cambodia.

For over a decade, Kate has been a passionate advocate for ensuring all children, regardless of their abilities, can access the support and resources they need to thrive. Her work with grassroots Khmer organizations has been instrumental in developing best practices and training countless local staff to compassionately teach and assist children with complex needs.

Kate’s dedication deepened when she joined SENIA Cambodia in 2019, and since then she has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the organization’s vital mission moving forward – even through the immense challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her consistent voice and unwavering commitment have had a profound impact, not only on SENIA’s work, but on the larger inclusion landscape across Cambodia.

Through her advocacy, training programs, and collaborative efforts, Kate has made an immeasurable difference in the lives of countless vulnerable children. Her selfless service and unwavering commitment to inclusion serve as an inspiration to us all.

Please join us in congratulating Kate on this well-deserved recognition of her exceptional contributions.

Here is a link to Kate’s services:

Meet Mr. Raymond Weil Garagus, an exceptional inclusion teacher based in Keningau, Sabah. Passionate about empowering students with learning disorders and hearing impairment, he goes above and beyond in his role. In addition to his teaching duties, he is a devoted sports player who spends his time coaching students in track and field events and various team sports. He customizes training programs to cater to each student’s unique needs and creatively adapts practices to the limited school space, even in the absence of a running track. Thanks to his dedication, his students have achieved remarkable success in athletics, clinching podium finishes and securing gold medals at district, state, and national levels. Several of his students have seamlessly transitioned into mainstream school championships for non-disabled learners, earning well-deserved medals and garnering widespread acclaim. Notably, Brigette Yasin and Victer Ben, two of his students, were honored with the prestigious 2022 SENIA Student Award and the 2023 SENIA Student Honorary Certificate for their outstanding contributions to athletics.


Congratulations to Raymond Weil Garagus as this month’s recipient of the SENIA World Changer Award!

Based in India, Manobina Chakraborty is a highly skilled Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant, as well as a Neurodiversity Coach and Learning Leader. With nearly two decades of experience in the field, she holds certifications as a Special Educational Needs expert. Manobina has established strong affiliations with renowned educational institutions in India and the UK and has played a pivotal role in setting up inclusive schools catering to diverse needs. Her expertise lies in capacity building, teacher training, and corporate training for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Manobina’s consultation services have been sought after by numerous government and non-government organizations both nationally and internationally. Recognized for her contributions, Manobina has been elected as a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in London. She has also been honored with the prestigious Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Award for her outstanding work in education. Committed to promoting Neurodiversity inclusion, she founded “I for inclusion,” a global platform offering online training and resources to parents and special education teachers.

Congratulations to Manobina for being this month’s SENIA World Changer Award winner!

Nurfaizah Binti Mohd Shokri is the head of the special education department at her school, Keningau Vocational College, which is the only inclusive vocational college in Malaysia that offers inclusive programmes for neurodivergent students in her school. She was able to lead her department to ensure the integration and inclusion of neurodivergent learners in various disciplines such as sports and arts while providing support for their needs like sign language interpretation during school events and summer camps. Under her leadership, the students’ performance in national academic examinations as well as co-curricular activities improved significantly. So much so,  that the school became a benchmark for other special education centers in the country. Her department accepts all types of  learners including those with learning disorders, hearing impairments as well as visual impairments.


Congratulations to Nurfaizah Binti Mohd Shokri as this month’s SENIA World Changer Award winner!

Anvi Vijay Zanzarukia has become known as the “Rubber Girl of India.” She began learning yoga at the age of 4 and since then has shared her unique journey with others.  Yoga has not only changed her life but the lives of so many other children with disabilities.  Anvi began a new campaign of “Karo Yog Raho Nirog” which allows her to share the power of yoga through her demonstrations with over 100 schools and institutions. She confidently demonstrates her abilities and has kindly shared one of her videos with us (link to yoga demonstration). 

Anvi has received recognition at the national yoga events in India, winning three gold and two bronze medals.  She was also awarded the “Best Creative Child with Disability Award – 2020” by the president of India.

Congratulations to Anvi as this month’s SENIA World Changer Award winner!

Kitsie LaRock has a big heart and is always looking for ways to implement universal design into her work at Bernie LaRock & Sons Construction. Just days before the inaugural event of a newly constructed timber frame pavilion, Kitsie installed a beautiful cer-pak sidewalk from the parking lot into the Pavilion. Not only did she build the accessible sidewalk, she also paid for the cost of the installation of the sidewalk so the organization did not have to find the funds to pay for it. This sidewalk has guaranteed accessibility for all in the community to the beautiful new pavilion and ensures everyone can enjoy it!

Congratulations to Kitsie LaRock as a SENIA World Changer Award Winner!!

Meet Minh, a 12th grade student at UNIS Hanoi who is proudly neurodivergent.  He displays his talents as a guest writer for the school newspaper. One of Minh’s internship pathways this year is co-teaching 10th-grade PE. Minh showed incredible leadership and work ethic leading him to be offered the new assistant basketball coach this season. Minh’s coaching responsibilities included organizing the game stats, prepping for practices, assisting the coaches at the games, and cheering on the team for the whole season. Not only has the basketball team won games, but they have also shown what being an inclusive school really looks like. When the crowd was cheering on the UNIS basketball team, they were also cheering for inclusion! Minh and his team have learned a lot of valuable skills in leadership and communication. Minh shared “Inclusion for me is to include everyone to be a part of the team even when we are on and off the court.

Congratulations to Hoang Minh Duong as May’s SENIA World Changer Award Winner!

Korok Biswas is India’s first ever dance performer with down syndrome to be credited in India’s Book of Records. From an early age, Korok and his parents believed with love and support that Korok would pursue his passion of dance.  He trained hard and had learned that through perseverance and dedication he could achieve his goals.  His school, the Noble Mission of South Calcutta, supported him with developing patience, how to adapt to the world around him and believed in his performance talents. Korok has achieved much recognition for his dance and his work supporting people with down syndrome in India and around the world.  Here are some of his achievements: Indian National Award in Art & Culture, International Dance Council, UNESCO Best Fighter Dancer, and Down Syndrome International Self Advocate.  

Korok is taking the Indian dance performance scene by storm and in the process, inspiring future generations of people with down syndrome to follow their dreams.  Representation matters! 

Congratulations to Korok Biswas as the winner of this month’s SENIA World Changer Award!

To learn more about Korok’s journey:

Kan Fook Keong is a special education teacher in Sabah, Malaysia. Despite originating in Selangor that is more well-developed, Kan chose to stay teaching at a vocational school in the rural areas of Sabah, the least developed state, since 2012. He has guided the special needs learners comprising those with learning disorders as well as those with hearing impairments in many disciplines like sports and painting. During the pandemic, he discovered an alternative to students presenting their projects in innovation contests in sign language. As a result of his effort, he was able to train a team of hearing-impaired students to participate in several innovation contests and earned many medals. 

Kan is dedicated to the well being of his students and started a food project that prepares vegan meals for the students to promote healthier lifestyle with minimal environmental harm. He did this after learning that many of his students were either vegetarians or vegans.

Kan has been instrumental in supporting the dreams and passions of the students at Keningau Vocational College.  He is indeed a World Changer!

Congratulations to Kan Fook Keong for being a SENIA World Changer!