Lesson’s are broken into three parts

  1. Identifying our beliefs about behavior and understand that our beliefs about challenging behaviors guide our practice. This is done through the concepts of Positive Behavior Supports and Multi-tiered System of Supports.
  2. Understanding and exploring the functions of behaviors and how we can change the environment and our response to a behavior. 
  3. Understand how we can collaboratively work together with our students to best support challenging behaviors.

Materials Needed

Part One

  • No downloadable resources needed

Part Two

Part Three

Part One: Beliefs About Behavior

Video #1 (Stop at 4:15)

Video #2 (Start video at 4:16)

Video #3 (Stop at 7:33)

Part Two: Functions of Behaviors

Video #4 (Stop at 3:26)

Video #5 (Watch entire video)

Part Three: Collaborative and Proactive Solutions

Video #6 (Watch entire video)

Video #7 (Watch entire video)

Video #8 (Watch entire video)