Nurfaizah Binti Mohd Shokri October 2023 SENIA World Changer Award Recipient

Nurfaizah Binti Mohd Shokri is the head of the special education department at her school, Keningau Vocational College, which is the only inclusive vocational college in Malaysia that offers inclusive programmes for neurodivergent students in her school. She was able to lead her department to ensure the integration and inclusion of neurodivergent learners in various disciplines such as sports and arts while providing support for their needs like sign language interpretation during school events and summer camps. Under her leadership, the students’ performance in national academic examinations as well as co-curricular activities improved significantly. So much so,  that the school became a benchmark for other special education centers in the country. Her department accepts all types of  learners including those with learning disorders, hearing impairments as well as visual impairments.


Congratulations to Nurfaizah Binti Mohd Shokri as this month’s SENIA World Changer Award winner!