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The American International School of Johannesburg recently committed to taking on the challenge and privilege of serving the needs of a wider range of learners at our school. In alignment with our community principles, we are embracing the work of having a student population that aligns more closely with the range of neurodiversity found in the world around us.
The professional learning provided by SENIA through both the conferences and the new SENIA Academy will offer our community opportunities to continue to refine their practice in supporting our neurodivergent individuals. I am excited that our school has joined this network. We are looking forward to learning with our colleagues around the world and living the mission of SENIA for years to come.

Our school is committed to bringing inclusive education to the Balkans and leading the way for parents and community members to help their children access meaningful educational settings. SENIA will allow us to network with open-minded and inclusive individuals, opening professional development opportunities for our staff and parents alike.

Our Student Support Team gained so much from attending the SENIA Conference in Johannesburg last year. We would like to continue to grow in the development of inclusive practices at our school. Being a part of this wider network will help us gain insight into inclusion in a range of different contexts.

Responsible inclusion is being accountable to make this “inclusion” happen using the resources available to the school and within the abilities of the student(s).

We’re excited to become a SENIA member school and gain access to rich resources to help us meet our strategic plan goals.  SENIA provides a wealth of networking opportunities as well that support our teachers in continuing to build on their toolboxes of strategies for meeting the needs of all students and deepening their understanding of inclusion.

SENIA has provided significant support to ISB in its journey to become a truly inclusive school and has been an invaluable partner in the process. I know the same is true in a number of schools around the worldAs SENIA continues to innovate and expand its levels of support through its school membership program, we jumped at the opportunity to be a member school. I’m excited for this next chapter in our partnership!

NIS is a proud member of SENIA because there is such strong alignment between our Mission and Values. SENIA provides us not only with world-class professional learning, but connects us to like-minded schools and educators around the world. Belonging to this network makes a direct impact in the lives of our students, teachers, and entire learning community.

Having a professional organisation like SENIA supporting our inclusion processes and practices, advocating for diverse learners, and making connections with professionals that share a common understanding is a logical and needed step in supporting ASW’s strategic goals and mission.

UIA as a school community values the work that SENIA does and is looking to be more actively involved because we believe in that work. In becoming a member school, UIA firmly commits to the mission of SENIA and our advocacy for the SENIA guiding statements.  UIA recognised our continued growth and development in inclusion and support practices for student learning would be much more effective once we partnered with SENIA.

SENIA is an international leader in its advocacy for inclusion, the networking opportunities they provide along with high-quality professional learning for all teachers. Inclusion is at the heart of our programming at ISKL and we’ve had a long-standing relationship with SENIA from which our teachers and students have benefited.

As SENIA continues to innovate and expand its levels of support through its school membership program, we jumped at the opportunity to be a member school. I’m excited for this next chapter in our partnership!

It is a great privilege to be able to join the SENIA team. As inclusive international schools, we have the opportunity to learn about best practices for students with neuro-diversities through this organization. SENIA provides superb professional learning experiences and supports not only teachers in their growth as educators and practitioners, but also students, parents, and school communities in understanding how to best create environments suitable for all individuals. JIS is proud to be a SENIA school and looks forward to continued years of partnership and learning!

The KAUST School celebrates the importance of the journey towards greater inclusion through its mission and vision to ignite curiosity, inspire creativity, and investigate solutions. We are stronger as a community because of our diversity!

IST appreciates the network of professionals and resources the SENIA community provides its members.  This network provides valuable resources as IST moves to become a truly inclusive school.  We are grateful for their support and from other international educators who are on the same journey of inclusion.

Our school mission is “to redefine the possibilities of education for those who learn differently.” This aligns with SENIA’s mission to “Advocate for and provide resources and support to individuals with disabilities.”