World Changer Award

The World Changer Award recognizes an individual who actively promotes inclusion in their community while supporting SENIA ‘s Mission and Vision.

Mohammad Zulfadhli bin Amban March 2021 SENIA World Changer Award Recipient

Mohammad Zulfadhli bin Amban, who has a hearing impairment, is a vocational student at Keningau Vocational College in Sabah, Malaysia. He represented his state to compete at the National Abilympics Championship in the silk hand painting category.…

Zandri Byleveldt February 2021 SENIA World Changer Award Recipient

Zandri is an Occupational Therapist based in Hanoi, Vietnam.She started her journey when she visited Vietnam in Nov 2017. Looking through her Occupational Therapy (OT) lenses, she saw that limited accommodations were being made for people with…

Jane Christine Justine January 2021 SENIA World Changer Award Recipient

Jane Christine Justine, a student with a hearing impairment, was the leader of her school innovation team specializing in producing vegan food. Along with her team and their advisory teacher, they initiated a project called "Veganbond" which…

Nomination Process

The SENIA World Changer Award has very few rules and regulations. Nominate a friend, colleague, student or an organization that promotes inclusion and adheres to the SENIA ‘s mission and vision.

Nominations are open to all individuals and organizations and awarded monthly

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 Raphael Moris 2020  SENIA Student Award Recipient

Raphael is in grade 9 at Stamford American International School in Singapore. He is an advocate for promoting awareness around autism as there are many misconceptions.

He along with four other friends at Stamford, put together a video addressing these misconceptions, providing information about autism and discussing what it means to be autistic.

Raphael spearheaded the annual autism week which has grown into a whole school event. Not only does he organize blue bracelets for students to wear, he also encourages students and faculty to wear blue in support of creating awareness surrounding autism. 

He also presents at his school wide assemblies and shares his message of inclusion to his peers from elementary to high school. The students in the elementary school loved speaking to Raphael about his experiences and treated him like a movie star.

Thank you, Raphael for making a difference in the world and creating awareness about autism!

 Ionelle Josiah Ferrer 2020 SENIA Honorary Award Recipient

Ionelle is enrolled in the University of Batangas, Lipa Campus, Philippines.

As a younger student, Ionelle found it difficult to communicate his thoughts and ideas but with support, he was able to move forward and remain in mainstream schooling. 

Ionelle is a gifted mathematician, winning many gold awards in middle and high school and a talented musician. He plays bass with his siblings in a band called “Splendio Tritus” whose songs advocate about autism.

To hear a sampling of a song he composed and dedicated to his special education teacher, click for music and lyrics.

He performed live with his band at the Mall of Asia Arena to over 25000+ attendees. He dedicated his performance to all his special education teachers who have supported him in his lifetime. His advocacy on behalf of people with autism has been featured in countless articles and he will be featured in a book to inspire people with disabilities. 

Thank you, Ionelle, for inspiring others to make a difference.

SENIA Student Award

The SENIA Student Award celebrates the achievements of a student or youth with disabilities; encourages awareness of the abilities and aspirations of children/youth with disabilities; and advocates on behalf of exceptional children in the world.

Nomination Process

Do you know a student with a disability who excels and creates awareness/advocates for special needs?  This is your opportunity to nominate a student who deserves some recognition for all they do.

This is a yearly award and includes a scholarship.

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