#63 Dysgraphia Defined

Alexius Ignatius September 2022 SENIA World Changer Award Recipient

Alexius Ignatius was the first Malaysian to win a gold medal…

Avyasvina Istiniza Anak Unong August 2022 World Changer Award Recipient

Avyasvina Istiniza Anak Unong is a special educational needs…

#62 Strength-Based, Talent-Focused Education

Samuel Young the founder of Scholars Academy, a strength-based, talent-focused virtual enrichment center that supports twice-exceptional students and their families.

#61 Don’t Dis My Disability- Part 2 “There’s a Fire in My Soul”

Nicole Demos, a SENIA Europe Board Member and a proud disabled Third Culture Kid, and host Lori Boll chat more about Nicole and how she now accepts her disability as part of her identity.

#60 Identity Centered Education- Let’s Change Systems, Not Students! Identity Centered Education- Let’s Change Systems, Not Students!

Daniel Wickner (he/him/his) is the founder of Identity-Centered Learning (www.identity centered.com), a framework for supporting students’ identity development in schools.

#59 The Problem with Traditional IQ Tests

Dr. Jack Naglieri. Some of you may recognize that last name. Yes, he is the creator of the Naglieri Non-Verbal Ability Test.

#58 The Importance of Disability Education for Teachers and Students- The Nora Project

Lori speaks with Katy Fattaleh who is the Chief Program Officer for The Nora Project. The Nora Project’s mission is to promote disability inclusion by empowering educators and engaging students and communities.

Hajime Chiba June 2022 SENIA World Changer Award Recipient

Hajime is a voice of self-awareness, acceptance and inclusion.…

Associate Director, Josh Flosi, Ed.D.

Dr. Josh Flosi has been an educator for 25 years in public, private, and international schools. He currently leads Student Support Services at the International School of Tanganyika, an inclusive school in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.