Teaching with the HEART in Mind

Dr. Lorea Martínez Pérez is the award-winning founder of HEART in Mind Consulting.

Parenting a Child Profoundly Affected by Autism

Today the Vice-President of the National Council of Severe Autism, Amy Lutz and I speak about raising children who are profoundly affected by Autism and how it looks so different from parenting our typically developing children in many ways.

Lex Hamilton April 2021 SENIA World Changer Award Recipient

Lex is an Early Years professional from the UK with a PGCert in Special Educational Needs Coordination. She has worked with children for 20 years in various countries including Australia and Rwanda. She moved to Cambodia with her husband in 2015 with the desire to increase quality SEND provision within the country. She is SENCO and Head of The Giving Tree School’s Early Years campus in Phnom Penh. As well as supporting her fellow teachers she also teaches a class of two year old students. Lex is passionate about early intervention and networking with other professionals to bring awareness and high quality provision to all children with SEND in Cambodia. She also has 3 young boys at home that love to keep her busy when she’s not teaching! Lex took over as Chair of SENIA Cambodia Chapter in 2020, spearheading multiple projects while tirelessly supporting SENIA and wider community members.

Congratulations to Lex Hamilton as the April 2021 SENIA World Changer recipient!

Strategies to Support High Stress During the Pandemic for You and Your Students

Today Lori and Jill discuss healthy strategies for you as a parent or teacher to use on yourself or with your students/children when you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed during COVID.

Launch of the SENIA Student Award

SENIA is pleased to announce the launch of the 2021 SENIA Student Award.  Do you know of a student who advocates and promotes inclusion in their community?  Please nominate at seniainternational.org/awards

The recipient of the award receives a scholarship, plaque, certificate and the opportunity to present their inspirational story at the SENIA International conference, as well as, be featured in future SENIA publications.

The deadline for all nominations is October 15, 2021.   A full list of rules and regulations can be found here.


April 17, 2021 SENIA-Europe Online Networking and Resource FREE Virtual Event


Online SENIA-Europe Networking & Resource FREE Event


17 APRIL 2021

9:00-10:30 British Standard Time

10:00-11:30 Central European Time

11:00-12:30 Eastern European Time



Creating a Student Snapshot from the Psycho-educational Evaluation

Sensory Integration Strategies in the classroom

Building resiliency and social emotional competencies in the classroom (young child and families, and upper school age student)


We look forward to meeting and learning with you during this fantastic event!


Deep Dive Into Dyslexia

In this month’s roundtable, Matt Barker, Erin Madonna, and Lori Boll discuss all things Dyslexia.

Supporting Our Gifted Students: Yes, They Need Our Support

Dr. Jim Delisle, and host Lori Boll discuss gifted learners.

The Lucky Few

Heather is on a mission to make a more inclusive world where everyone can belong.

Mohammad Zulfadhli bin Amban March 2021 SENIA World Changer Award Recipient

Mohammad Zulfadhli bin Amban, who has a hearing impairment, is a vocational student at Keningau Vocational College in Sabah, Malaysia. He represented his state to compete at the National Abilympics Championship in the silk hand painting category. His paintings portray the traditional motifs of leaves and flowers in geometrical designs known as Batik motifs in Malaysia. His art wowed the visitors and judges. His signature style of portraying Malaysian Batik motifs on his artwork helped to popularize the intricate patterns as a unique concept that are highlighted at annual art exhibitions and competitions in the country. Also, his efforts contributed to the preservation of traditional arts by familiarizing a younger generation with the centuries-old theme and craftsmanship of Batik.

Congratulations to Mohammad Zulfadhli bin Amban as the recipient of the March 2021 SENIA World Changer Award!