Courtney Wong January 2022 SENIA World Changer Award Recipient


Courtney is a student at Torrey Pines High School in California. She was inspired to promote inclusion in her community by her younger siblings who both are diagnosed with special needs. Courtney wanted to help young individuals in the special needs community like her siblings thrive during the pandemic by founding a youth organization called Tutors4Stars which promotes the inclusion of students of special needs in the education system through free online tutoring lessons. One of her achievements in the organization includes hosting a summer camp in 2021 which connected students during the pandemic in a group setting through online meetings. She also is one of the chapter leads from SN Inclusion, a non-profit organization that prepares neurodivergent individuals for successful careers through free and specialized career-technical education courses. She contributed to the organization by creating some of the course content and advocated for the inclusion of the special needs community in the workforce.

Congratulations to Courtney Wong as January ‘s recipient of the SENIA World Changer Award.