#22 MTSS Online Forum Series

Dr. Joan Schumann who is just beginning a new position as Director of Professional Learning and Instruction at International School Beijing.

#21 Opportunity Before Ability

Norman Kunc and Emma Van der Klift are well known speakers and advocates within the disability rights community, they prefer to think of themselves as modern day storytellers, continuing the long held tradition of using humour and narrative to initiate self-reflection and social change.

#20 The Key Feature of Executive Function

Sarah Ward, M.S., CCC/SLP has over 25 years of experience in the treatment of executive dysfunction.

#19 Technology Possibilities in a Diverse Classroom

Greg O 'Connor is a long-time friend of SENIA, who has spoken at many of our conferences and has taught us so much about how we can use technology to best support our students who need it.

#18 The Language We Use

Dr. Nicole Sparapani is an Assistant Professor at the University of California Davis and a faculty member of the MIND Institute The UC Davis MIND Institute is a collaborative international research center, committed to the awareness, understanding, prevention, and treatment of the challenges associated with neurodevelopmental disabilities.

#17 Advocate, Teacher, Mother, Leader

Dominique Blue is a special educator working in China. Like many of you, she has worked in schools where there is no official special education program.

#16 It ‘s Movie Time!

Roland Benzon has invented a way for people who are deaf or blind can enjoy their favorite movies, TV shows, or podcasts.

#15 Learning Forward

Dr. Choy Sook Kuen is a mother of two sons Aaron and Joshua, and founder of Oasis Place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 's first and largest multi-disciplinary intervention center for children and adults with learning differences.

#14 It ‘s NOT “Business As Usual”- Tips for heading back-to-school after COVID-19.

Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician, Dr. Roby Marcou, and I discuss the developmental and behavioral impact of the Covid 19 experiences on children, adolescents, families and educators.

#13 A Good Fit: Finding the right International school for your child.

The chairperson of the SENIA Europe board of directors is our guest today. April Remfrey spent years as a special educator in the international schools.

#12 Special Education with Pat

Today I speak with Pat Noonan, a special educator from Massachusetts who, during the early days of online instruction, found a way to create lessons for his students that are engaging, interactive, and fun

#11 Executive Functions and the Connection to Language

Dr. Bonnie Singer is the Founder and CEO of Architects For Learning, which is dedicated to giving educators effective teaching methods that take language and critical thinking to new levels.

Roundtable Discussions

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