#86 Leaders Do the Right Thing: Changing School Systems

Kevin is the founding director of the Common Ground Collaborative (CGC), one of SENIA’s partner organizations. CGC is a learning ecosystem used by schools in 20 countries. Kevin has led schools in Tanzania, Austria, Namibia and Belgium.

#85 Introducing LUDIA- a free app to support Universal Design for Learning

Beth Stark, a Universal Design for Learning and Inclusionary Practices Strategist and Jeremie Rostan, a High School Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator at the International School of Panama who worked together to create LUDIA which was created as a new kind of entry point and scaffold for developing a Universal Design for Learning mindset, intentionally designing to reduce learning barriers, and discovering the power of Artificial Intelligence.

#84 Inclusion is the Language of Inclusion

Ceci Gomez-Galvez who was one of our SENIA virtual conference speakers this year. Ceci (she.her.ella) is a collaborator, coach and advocate who empowers educators to create equitable learning opportunities for all language learners.

#83 Empowering Futures

Max has demonstrated a proven track record in the inclusion space from establishing 3 vocational training centers, modelling 11 inclusive and sustainable social businesses, and delivering essential consultancy services to organizations seeking enhanced inclusivity.

#82 Extraordinary Experiences

Host Lori Boll speaks with Kathi Silva, author of ‘Extraordinary Experiences: Tales of Special Needs Abroad,’ a book about living with special needs as expats. Kathi wrote this book as a way to share stories and help others prepare for adventures overseas while parenting their neurodiverse children.

#81 Changing Perspectives Through Promoting Awareness & Inspiring Empathy

Sam Drazin, Founder and Executive Director of Changing Perspectives, one of SENIA’s sponsor organizations and partners

#80 Making the World More Inclusive One Playground at a Time

G. Cody QJ Goldberg, co-founder and Chief Play Officer of Harper’s Playground which inspires and empowers global communities to build radically inclusive playgrounds.

#79 The 4 A’s of DEIJ

Kevin Simpson, the founder of one of SENIA’s partner organizations, AEILOC, which stands for the Association of International Educators and Leaders of Color.

#78 How Predictable, Shared Routines Create Collective Efficacy

Mitch Weathers, creator of The Organized Binder. Mitch created this binder to empower teachers with a simple but research-backed strategy to teach students executive functioning skills while protecting the time needed for content instruction.

#77 The Importance of Exercise in the Classroom

David Geslak and Amber Pantaleo, Founder and Vice President of Exercise Connection, an organization that uses evidence-based solutions to empower those who support individuals with autism and other disabilities to teach exercise successfully.

#76 Keynote Speaker- Dr. Emily Meadows on LGBTQ+ Policy and Practice

Emily is an LGBTQ+ consultant specialized in international schools. In addition to her doctoral degree, Emily holds master’s degrees in both Sexual Health and Counseling, and has worked as an international school counselor for over a decade

#75 Meet the Host of the “Think Inclusive” Podcast

Tim Villegas who is the director of communications of MCIE or the Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education, a nonprofit that envisions a society where neighborhood schools welcome all learners and create the foundation for inclusive communities.

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