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Inaugural SENIA India Chapter Conference

SENIA India held their initial conference at Stonehill International School’s Learning Hub in Bangalore on 2nd March 2019. Members of the board and other interested teachers met and discussed how inclusion works in their schools, things they are proud of, and some of the challenges that they are facing. Many of these challenges were common […]

SENIA 2019 Conference Memories

We just finished our annual SENIA conference at Hong Kong Academy! Over 300 members (educators, professionals, and parents) from around the world came together to learn, connect with others in the field, and leave inspired.

Seferina Engen Recipient of 2019 Student Student Award

Congratulations to Seferina Engen from Taipei American School as this year’s recipient of the SENIA Student Award. This award recognizes a student for advocating awareness for differently abled individuals. At a young age, Seferina was diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome. As the doctor explained her diagnosis, she listened to him talk about neuroplasticity and […]

K.A. Razhiyah Recipient of 2019 SENIA Advocacy Award

K.A. Razhiyah Congratulations to K.A. Razhiyah from Panji Secondary School in Malaysia as the recipient of this year’s SENIA Advocacy Award.  This award recognizes professionals whose mission is to advocate and provide opportunities to differently abled students. K.A. has done just that!  As part of the special education branch of her school, she championed the […]