February 2022 Newsletter

Pivot"- Ross Gellar, TV Show: Friends One of my favorite scenes from Friends was when Ross, Rachel, and Chandler tried moving a large couch up a narrow staircase. Ross kept yelling "pivot" and I laughed until I cried.

Jackob Yoshua Jeffry February 2022 SENIA World Changer Award Recipient

Jackob Yoshua Jeffry, along with his partner, has paved the way…

#52 Youth Advocate, World Changer

Courtney Wong is the founder and president of Tutors4Stars, a youth organization that provides free learning opportunities for neurodiverse students through online private and group lessons.

Courtney Wong January 2022 SENIA World Changer Award Recipient

Courtney is a student at Torrey Pines High School in California.…

Nurazwin Liyana Binti Abdullah December 2021 SENIA World Changer Award Recipient

Nurazwin Liyana Binti Abdullah has proven that individuals with…

#51 You Are Not a Bad Parent

Dr. Elizabeth Henry, affectionately known as Dr. Liz. She is a nationally renowned, board-certified pediatrician, speaker, author, parent coach, and youth advocate.
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It's Been a While

Welcome back to another year of Roundtable discussions with Erin Madonna and Lori Boll.